DOORN_1747125hThe artists intercept information and transform these signs by providing a different context and this way generate another meaning. To manipulate the receivers by implementing doubt. Doubt that points us to the possible “other”. An agency in the ever changing world that connects the society and the arts. A tie to the outside world is one of the most revealing aspects of post internet art, a shift taking place opposed to the hermetic “white cube”. No reference to the Internet, but an internet state of mind. Continuously between signals and receivers. A transformer that converts the multi-headed information into a complex interaction between different media. Sound, image, architecture, and performance gives the experience an intense force and effect. The reserved space and time is being reorganized by making use of various media (such as; video projections, drawn and edited maps, trails, landscapes, appropriated objects, photographs, light sculptures, and voice) to allow a process of thinking. Forward, backward, left, right, analyze, repeat, refer, and reinvent what we are doing and how alternative choices can be made. With the ultimate aim to contextualize our memory for a possible collective future.